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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hi all,

Been a while :) Besides having my lap top screwing up with no backups done yet and a tired soul trying to believe everything will be OK or maybe change but nothing happens. I won't wish to say much. I am even slowly giving up to try.

I'll find something to do, something to cheer the dark side of me. How do people keep themselves happy and occupied when all we do and we are is not even worth doing . Characters of another persons dream. We born, we Live, we Die...end of chapter.

I wonder how many of us spend at least a few seconds a day wondering, what the hell are we doing? What is this worth for? All of us, humans,animals,earth,climate,space,,everything are just illusions of god's dream. If we were not then why would we die?

Maybe just experiments.Those who live their life to the fullest, hats of to u...maybe the thinking would come as a combo at the very last minute on your death bed.
I need lifehouse to play me their songs...I need to believe in something...I need inspiration..

-the misunderstood child-

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reservist is Over. It was the best reservist among the rest i had. Instead of doing medical stuff i ended up working with Godzilla generators, electrical cables and etc...
This was for the Defense Minister 3G army deployment exhibit.

oh well all good things come to an end. Work goes on. Sad to say i did a reflection and would like to voice out to all those out there who are in your job for the sake of having a job. If u do have dream and u know this is not what u want, than please don't waste time and start looking for something u really wanna do.The longer u delay the less probability of u getting the job esp if the career sector is different. They require experience. Don't worry about all the interviews and stuff...think of the future, think for yourself , think for others..(one leaves the other who is jobless has a chance to be employed to feed his/her family)

Try not to quit before securing another job.
Sighs, i will have to make the big decision soon. I am happy for Jasmine she had got something better, better than what u bargained for ! Well Done, Now it's my turn...

and yes to the rest of my reservist man whom i had told u that i was a "shift Engr"...pls don;t spread the rumour that i am a farking "Chief Engr"...dig your ears la ppl !
because of u all, i suspect i end up doing generator and cables instead of medical things...i never touched all this crap before....all you ppl fault!
SHIFT ENGR NOT CHIEF ENGR !! knn !..Douglas u are one of them !

-the misunderstood child-

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally as planned we were heading to Pulau Ubin . For Jasmine it's her first and she's excited...pretty sure it might be the last time she wanna go there at the end of the day. Just for the trip i had equipted myself with the following in a bag:

a)Swiss Knief
b)Compass + Enviromental Thermometer + Whistel (3 in 1)
c)Wet Tissues
d)2 bottels of 1.5 L Mineral Water
e)Mirror (to reflect onto planes in the sky)
f)First Aid Kit Box
g)Torch Light
h)1 pac chicken rice
I)Camera,Wallet,Mp3 player,HP

Yep...i know i over did it ..But if u happen to be a fan of documentries of "I shoudn't Be Alive"
u will know all this would come in handy if something farks us. Out of all the equiptment i was desperate to use the FA Kit on someone.
I cut my hand while using the knief to cut the wrapper around the first aid kit. I bleed a bit but was determine not to be the first to end up using the first aid kit. (very paiseh)
Thus the 4 of us (Jasmine, Heda, Fu Shun and myself) headed to changi village for late breakfast plus packeting chicken rice for later lunch @ Ubin. Enjoy the pictures !

From Left :Heda,Fushun and Me

Me and Jasmine

Long Que @ the Geunine Nasi Lemak Shop

1 plate of Nasi Lemak, chicken,egg,otah and hotdog

Changi Jetty Waiting for BumBoats

Bumboats Ready for Sailing

Sitting on the Bumboat

from left: Fu Shun, Heda ,Me

Jasmine and Me

A better pose at a better location of the boat

At the back of the BumBoat

Side View From the Boat

Introducing u to Ubin Spokesperson -> Jasmine

Information Kiosk Mark with this BoulderThe inside of Ubin

Bicycle Shop Uncle Giving advise of places we are suppose to go, even scaring thats where people end up dead. But according to Fu Shun, the uncle most prob don;t want us there scaring we would fark up his bicycles ! U c...thats what happen when u work in the bank too much...your analytical skills with money farks u up !

The very Cute looking Danger Sign Near the Query

A Close Up of the Beautiful Query

I Didn't Even Realise That Fu Shun was Posing for this random shot
cause heda didn't even noticed..

-the misunderstood child-

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Cycling Trial of Ours

The Beach Along Ubin

Group Photo @ Chamar Hut

Stopping Along The Trial For The Photo Shoot

Fu Shun we all know why u stood a distant away from that pet of yours.Also I won't forget when u run off without me and i pretended the wild boar was chasing us while u taking this pic !! U F*rker !

Punai Hut our next check point

On Foot to Search for a better place for peace

We had been walking and walking and walking..when will this end..where does itlead to...

The High Tower was so creaky like it may come down anytime if it was maximised with weight..and someone had a Phobia of height !! Fushun On the Very Top
Fu Shun Looking like he Acheived Something

U can hardly smile when i take pics of ya, now with Fu shun taking pictures of u, u look like u;re crying...u better come to me for "fake smile class" I'll pimp u out the way jasmine pimped me ! Fu Shun, did u do anything to him out there

Who ever took this picture of us , i have to admit u're brave not because u stood up there but because u are willing to put my camera into such high risk of dropping...watch out eh !

An Artistic Shot By Jasmine worth being your wallpaper

Another Artistic Shot By Jasmine

This is the first time we are seeing MUD

Black Pepper Crap Anyone ?

My very own Artistic Shot ..I call it " I stand Alone "....

Chilling Away By The Dam

I am more scared of the bird shit than the Falcon in the sky

Nice Cottage like house displaying exhibits of ubin creatures

Kids Eating Fruits and Fu shun insisting us to pose with them -another gay moment of our life

Dinner @ Ubin - by the sea for a nice worthy meal -

Trying Our Best to not give the SHACK FACE :(

Dying to get back to bathe and sleep ! No one cares to even pose...

Forgot to mentioned that during the trip i had the chance to use my new first aid box on this little gal who had a bad fall. When i went over to help the father ask if i was a medic..i said no proudly.." I am a paramedic" and they was...wow.. LOL..
The funny part was that when Jasmine joined me to help clean the wound, the entire family mistook her for a nurse ! LOL....and i was so shack due to up slope cycling + Anxiety attack that i was able to use the first aid kit i was farkin up my procedure..and then fushun came to help me complete.

The Ubin Trip was great, not because of the trip but i had the very most important people in my life @ that very moment makes me happy and proud. I leave this last pic in tribute to the Ubin Trip ...

we are so glad to announce to the world that Fu Shun had finally found the missing half of his Rambutans :)

-the misunderstood child-


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Friday, July 10, 2009

As i was in camp for reservist today something really funny happened !
Fu Shun, Maha and myself was suppose to help out with - wet weather program - for the Defense Minister visit. As we were reservist man, the captain had put a NSF sgt to take charge of us. As usual the 3 of us wanted to throw smoke and run...

We waited for 5 mins and decided to run and disappear from the NSF sgt. Yep we did and ended up in the canteen before a bloody funny conversation took place. The only contact the NSF sgt had was Maha's Hp number. However upon reaching there, Maha saw his phone run flat due to no battery power left. Maha himself can only remember the first 3 number of the NSF sgt's HP...nevertheless we continue our own proclaimed tea break until i saw a miscall on my hp. It was a number not in my phonebook i show Maha asking if it was the NSF sgt ...the first 3 numbers match and the conversation started! ENJOY :)

(maha calls the NSF sgt using my Hp)

Maha :hello
NSF sgt :Hello,How long will u take to reach?
Maha :5 mins, we all smoking now (non of us smoke, maha gave a random excuse)
NSF sgt :ok,i buy u food already, come back and eat
Maha :U buy for me food? (Maha look confused, and so did me and Fu Shun as he was thinkin
why would the NSF sgt whom he didn't even know abt bought him food
for )
NSF sgt :Ya, i buy already,faster come back and eat...
Maha :You buy for me food for what ? Er...who is this (Maha was lookin like he was in shock)
NSF sgt :You don't know who is this and u even answer me ??? (Sgt sounded pissed)
Maha :No, I don't know who is this
NSF sgt :Your father la ! (angrily thinking Maha is mocking him)
Maha :Dei !!!! Jaya your father Da !! (Maha was dead shocked screaming at me passing the
phone to me like it was possessed)
Jay :I had to hold my laughter and do some explanation to my dad !!

We then all burst out laughing at our stupidity thinking the person Maha was talking to was the NSF SGT,but that was my DAD....lol...even I can't remember the number !
and my DAD was thinking the person he was talking to was me....but it was Maha!!!
The NSF SGT was not involved !!! muahahahahha...

-the misunderstood child-

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today was a "ok day". I had decided to devote all my free time after reservist to Jasmine. We met up and headed to my place so that i could change and go out for dinner. To my surprise she was dress in formal wear. Yes and she look like a dam lawyer!! I feel dam weird standing besides her as my dressing is usually slack...

I am sure some might have mistaken her as my "sugar mummy". While taking a few pictures, MIMI interrupted and without asking joined in the photo shoot ! Refer to the below pic for my evidence. Mimi standing at the bottom right corner without making a sound !

Since Mimi wanted some lime light i had to take this two females shooting turn by turn. Enjoy the pics taken,

Couple Photo Jasmine & Mimi

My end to vegan diet coming soon, just can't wait !

-the misunderstood child-

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